The Xbox One All-Digital Edition Mock Up Image

More rumors have surfaced around Microsoft’s upcoming disc-less Xbox One console, specifically the name of the console and it’s rumored release date.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, as it’s reportedly named will be an exclusively digital console with zero disc drive. This would mean the cost of the console will be driven down significantly, with rumors suggesting it could slash as much s $100 off the console.

Pre-orders for The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition are set to begin mid-April with a launch prepared for early-May.

There are also rumors that a special edition Fortnite console, complete with custom artwork, is on the cards. Though it’s unclear whether that’ll come to The Digital Edition or a new Xbox One X.

This console, if true, could be an example of Microsoft testing if consumers are ready for an all-digital console when they unveil their next-gen offering – known as Project Scarlett, hopefully, later this year. Though I personally find it unlikely right now – but I guess we’ll see.

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