Yacht Club Games, best known for their excellent retro platformer Shovel Knight and its myriad of add ons, are continuing to expand their publishing branch. After taking over duties as publisher on Azure Striker Gunvolt they slyly announced there’s more to come.

When it comes to this ominous new game, information is really scarce. We’ve got this gif of a rad looking ninja guy, looking out on a disastrous cityscape. Do we have a title? Nope. Release date? Nuh uh. Platforms? No, siree. Apparently there will be a chance to get hands on experience with the game at PAX East.

When it comes to Shovel Knight and its final expansions King of Cards and Showdown, fans (myself included) were hit with a slight disappointment last month when a delay was announced. It would be pure speculation if a split of resources between their own development and publishing for third parties has had anything to do with said delay.

Nevertheless, PAX East starts on 28 March and we’ll get more info on Untitled Radical Ninja Guy Game then.

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