One of the key traits that Spider-man has, as he leaps from building to building, is his webbing which he uses to whiz around New York City and foil criminals. Though ask yourself, what do you actually know about this vital superhero fluid?

If you’re a fan of Spider-man, you may be confused as to whether Peter Parker produces it naturally or it’s via a set of web shooters. Well never fear we’re going to explain that in superb detail so you’ll never be confused again.

Anyone who’s ever played a Spider-man game knows how important webbing is in terms of traveling and combat, without it, a Spider-man can’t do what a spider can. I mean what else would he use? The Spider-Mobile? The web pits on his early costume that he could use to glide around? Yeah right, as if those would work.

No one is actually sure what the formula is for the Web Fluid

It’s another one of those things writers like to keep as a tantalizing secret from its readers. Like what exactly is a Pym Particle or what is The Jokers real identity?

Over the years Peter has made the fluid from ingredients readily available but it has never been revealed exactly what.

In the Ultimate Comics, it was actually an adhesive substance Peter was working on before he was bitten by the genetically modified spider that changed his life.

At one point the webbing was organic

A while back, Peter Parker was dying. Eventually, he did die and he was reborn with new powers, all of this happened during The Other storyline. One of these new powers was the power to create his own webbing out of his wrists.

The sound webbing makes is Thwip!

That’s right, the Onomatopoeia from this sounds the webbing makes when fired is Thwip! So in case you hear it, you can now spell it.

The Black Symbiote Suit produced its own version of it

Over the years the black suit has had a lot of powers attributed to it. In the 90s cartoon it could turn it any garment Peter imagined and the Spider-man 3 it made him a bad dancer.

Though one of its original attributes was the ability to produce webbing of a higher quality than of the homemade webbing Peter made.

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