Jump Force All Might Screenshot

Jump Force isn’t done delivering action, as shown by the recent DLC announcements. The latest addition announced for Jump Force was All Might from My Hero Academia.

All Might is a huge, buff man–a Superman body type–so it feels safe to say that he will play like a brawler. In the manga and anime, he also possesses super strength, stamina, and speed, but hopefully, he will be a little more balanced when he enters the Jump Force ring. Bandai Namco’s Twitter account showed off several screenshots of All Might decimating enemies with his punches.

At this time, the only intimation of All Might’s release date is “soon,” as seen on Bandai-Namco’s tweet. Players can purchase him on his own (the price of one character alone is unknown as of this writing), or purchase Jump Force‘s Character Pass for $29.99, which will give players access to all the characters released for DLC.

Jump Force is currently available for Steam, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. You can check out our review of the game here.

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