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Apex Legends, EA Games and Respawn Entertainment’s surprising Battle Royale game is quickly coming down from its honeymoon period and investors are worried.

Having quickly gained tens of thousands of players within a short period of time, Apex Legends looked to be making waves in the battle royale scene that’s dominated by Fortnite. The game even helped keep EA Games’ financials in check following the disappointing performance of Anthem.

But as the well-known saying goes; “what goes up, must come down” and that’s exactly what’s happening here. According to StreamElements’ and StreamHatchet’s State of the Stream quarterly report the game has seen a 75 percent decline of its viewership in less than a month.

While the game peaked at 40 million hours watched within its second week, beating that of Fortnite, these numbers rapidly declined to a little over 10 million hours. Fortnite, on the other hand, has sat steadily at around the 20 million hours mark. In addition, some of the platform’s top streamers have also abandoned the game.

Apex Legends Decline on Twitch

This has caused investors to worry slightly as EA’s shares shot up following the release of Apex Legends. Stock Market Insight service, Seeking Alpha, is continuing to recommend investors avoid buying EA shares as they still feel Apex Legends is “overvalued” and that the market’s lack of tech savvy is a good reason for some investors to exit while they can.

Simply put, Apex Legends was a great flash in the pan, but the game’s support, especially in terms of new content, is severely lacking compared to its competition.

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