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Trion Worlds has announced that its competitive turn-based tactical combat game, Atlas Reactor, is shutting down in June.

Due to the game being no longer sustainable, Trion World has announced that it’s calling it a day on its XCOM-meets-Overwatch game, which is a shame as the game always had promise and was really fun to play.

“Atlas Reactor was a truly innovative game built by a passionate group of highly skilled developers. I was lucky enough to watch our team breathe life into the world of Atlas on a daily basis,” said Mervin Lee Kwai, vice president of development at Gamigo – the company that acquired Trion Worlds last year and even laid off a few staff.

Atlas Reactor was announced in 2015 and had two teams of players compete in live turn-based battles. It also featured a colorful cast of characters each with their own backstories, including Pup.

In light of the news, in-game purchasing has been disabled and all items previously available for actual cash can now be acquired “in new ways” – presumably gameplay. XP, Flux, and ISO rates have also been turned up, too. Those who have logged in at least once during January 1 and April 16 will also receive a “parting gift”.

Atlas Reactor servers are set to stay online until June 28, though this could change.

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