Avengers: Endgame smashed loads of box office records this weekend. No surprise there then! On its opening weekend, it took $350mil domestically. Record broken.

Adding to this, it’s opening weekend worldwide saw an absolutely crazy $1.2bil. Record broken. On its opening day, it took $156mil. Record broken. Quickest film to reach $1bil? Yep, Endgame did that too. Highest overseas opening weekend? Yeah, that one too. I could keep going about all the records it has broken, but I will stop!

The film has done insanely well, and with the amount of hype generated between this one and Infinity War, you can certainly see why. I also can’t see a film doing as well that is coming out this year. Perhaps Star Wars, but that’s a long shot. So, way to go, Disney and Marvel!

All this talk about Endgame, what about the other nine movies in the top 10. Needless to say, there are no other movies with opening weekends. I mean, can you blame them? Why would you want to fight it out with Endgame?! Weirdly enough though, Captain Marvel has jumped back into second place, taking another $8mil over the weekend with only an 11% drop on last week. It now sits 24th in the top worldwide grossing movies. Compare that to Endgame though which sits in 18th after one weekend. Crazy!

Avengers Endgame Movie Still

In third place is last week’s number one, The Curse of La Llarona, which suffered a miserable 71% drop in fortunes taking only $7.5mil. Most of the movies suffered similar drops and we all know which film is the reason why. I won’t even say it anymore! 4th place is Breakthrough taking a fairly respectable $6.3mil in comparison to expectations.

Sitting in 5th place is DC’s superhero film, Shazam! which took $5.5mil on its 4th week. Decent, but not quite Marvel eh? Going to jump to 10th place as a new film pops into the top 10 after being 12th last week in the form of Penguins. It’s about a penguin called Steve who tries to find a nesting partner, but it isn’t just as easy as that, with him being targeted by killer whales and other things. It drew in only $1mil, but hey it was enough to finish the top 10.

There should be some new entries next week as there are a couple of new releases coming out, but for now, check out the top 10 below;

  1. Avengers Endgame – £350m*
  2. Captain Marvel – $8m
  3. Curse of La Llorona – $7.5m
  4. Breakthrough – $6.3mil
  5. Shazam – $5.5m
  6. Little – $3.4m
  7. Dumbo – $3.2m
  8. Pet Sematary – $1.3m
  9. Us – $1.1m
  10. Penguins – $1m

*Opening Weekend

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