Here we are after the biggest movie event of the year, Avengers Endgame. It has been over a year since we saw the events of Infinity War and were left in the lurch with Thanos’ snap.

Many rumors and theories had been thrown around since then, non-stop trailers had been showing and the excitement stirred. This film had gained a momentous expectation to close the last twenty-one films, whilst trying to find a way to nullify the events of Infinity War. So, did the film meet those expectations? Let’s find out!

Now before I start, let me just say that I will keep spoilers out of the review as best as I can. If you want them, I’m sure a quick google will keep you satisfied.

Although I was excited by Endgame, I did come out of the cinema mildly underwhelmed. The film was good, don’t get me wrong, probably on the scale of amazing, but compared to Infinity War which got everything so right – the pacing, character times, the cliffhanger, the villain – Endgame just didn’t feel as smooth. Pacing at the beginning was a major issue as it started slowly, suddenly moved to going into space and then slowing right down again, and so on. It manages to settle down throughout the rest.

Endgame also had fewer characters to work with (due to Thanos’ snap during Infinity War) but struggled to give a decent amount of time to each of them. Coming into the film, you knew the focus would be with Captain America and Iron Man, after all, they’ve been the main heroes in the MCU, and the film gives them the screen time they deserve. Hawkeye, however, is given an incredible amount of screen time which just seems a bit strange. At first, I thought the same with Ant-Man, but the film seems to shun the character away as a second thought to concentrate more time on Hawkeye. Oh, and you know the effort Marvel went with releasing Captain Marvel beforehand and getting her to be part of the team? She’s barely in the movie, which is a disappointment, to say the least.

Avengers Endgame screenshot

Talking of the characters though, the quippy one-liners and humor from them really make the film stand out. War Machine probably delivers some of the best one-liners in the movie, whilst the story surrounding Thor is guaranteed to deliver some laughs. Some bits are a bit cheesy, especially when the film is using current trends within it. I’m just going to say Fortnite here and when you see it, you’ll know what I mean. Endgame also provides some characters with great fan moments, although I won’t spoil them. Needless to say, the theatre gasped at one of them though.

Continuing the talk of the characters, some of the character personalities seem a bit off as well, especially after seeing the build-up to most of them across all the films. The main one I keep seeing is the ending that Captain America is involved with. The one that bothers me most is the personality change of Thor. Although as I said above, the story surrounding him is guaranteed to make you laugh, just something is very off about it. They spent all that time rebuilding the character in Ragnarok, building on it for Infinity War, then chucking it all away and starting again in Endgame. Another character’s personality change that seems strange since the last film is Thanos. Now Infinity War spent a good amount of time building his story up and the reasons why he got rid of half the universe, and in a way, without saying too much, this film crashes it all back down. Strange.

Now, Endgame is all about the characters as I’m sure you’ve gathered. Honestly, even the characters who aren’t as important are given time to shine. How they shine though is completely down to the acting. The best performances come from Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr, but there are still great performances from Karen Gillan, Don Cheadle, Paul Rudd, Tessa Thompson, and even Bradley Cooper as Rocket. No one underperforms in their roles and you can see the chemistry between everyone. It honestly makes the film even more enjoyable.

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Endgame’s run time proved to be the longest in the MCU yet at just over the 3-hour mark and I must say it certainly didn’t feel like 3 hours. The film has three distinct acts within it and each of them just helps build the film up. The first act if anything is fairly slow and has major pacing issues, whereas the second act throws the characters around all over the place to continue the story and in doing so creates a few plot holes with the film. It does provide some moments of nostalgia which will go well with current fans. Finally, the third act sees the all typical good guys vs bad guys battle on epic proportions, sometimes making it a bit overwhelming due to the scale of it and how many characters are involved. Robert Downey Jr had said that the last 8 minutes of the film were the best in the MCU, now I’m sure there would be some people that disagree with him but in my opinion, he would be spot on. It does remarkably well to pay respects to everyone involved in the last 21 films and gives the fans a decent ending.

Overall, Endgame will go down as a great film and most probably be one of the biggest box office hits we have had (probably won’t usurp Avatar, but we’ll see), although it isn’t the better than Infinity War in my opinion, it provides an amazing end and closure to the twenty one films before it. It provides moments where you’ll laugh, where you hold back tears and moments of pure awe and inspiration. The main flaws surrounding the film is that the pacing seems all over the place and that the characters don’t all get a fair share of screen time they deserve. There are a few plot holes within the film if you really think about it, but just don’t think about it, it’s not worth it. The flaws are really nitpicky though and the positives far outweigh them. The humor is solid throughout the movie and will provide laughs as most in the MCU already do. The endings they give to the characters are well written and acted throughout. The action scenes can be a bit overwhelming at times, but it provides a great cinema moment in the process. At one point there is a scene that is surely shown for the empowering women movement that is going on within Hollywood and it’s just great to see, especially with the quality of actresses within the universe.

Endgame does well to give the fans exactly what they asked for with some great references to the comic book fans of Marvel. The downside is that it isn’t too far off what was expected, so no real shocks happened, but hey, it’s what we wanted right? Although it’s not better than Infinity War, in my opinion, it does closely follow it and does it’s best at giving everyone the closure they deserve.

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