Borderlands 3 looks set to put the days of being too low of a level to play with your friends behind you, as retail listings seem to suggest a level-scaling system that puts everyone first.

Now no real information has come out in the official releases, but much like the rumored cross-platform play, it’s a retail outlet that has given us this latest snippet of information. This latest rumour comes from a post over at GameStop.

“Quick & Seamless Co-op Action – Play with anyone at any time online or in split-screen co-op, regardless of your level or mission progress. Take down enemies and challenges as a team, but reap rewards that are yours alone – no one misses out on loot.”

While in previous titles a low-level player joining a higher leveled friend would do nothing but gain huge amounts of experience, and a high-level player joining a fresh starter would be ruining the house but gaining very little, this new system sounds as though it’s going to finally fix that.

Of course, we only have this retailer listing to go on for now, so this could all be changed prior to release. What do you think? Would this be a welcome change for Borderlands 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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