Let me be crystal clear here: the original release of Burnout Paradise is having its servers closed after 11 years. The remastered version for the Xbox One and PS4 are unaffected.

Since its initial launch way back in 2008 when I was sitting my final exams, the masterpiece known as Burnout Paradise was released and my tiny mind was blown. The catastrophic smash-fest was given an open world setting and it was glorious.

In reality, it only seemed like a matter of time before the servers would close once Burnout Paradise was given the remaster treatment just over a year ago. EA also (surprisingly) packaged in the 8-DLC packs available in one nice little package. So at least you can still smash the crap out of all your friends and get smashed up yourself.

Owners of the previous generation of the title still have until August 1, 2019, to wreck up Paradise City with their friends, so at least the closure isn’t abrupt. Even though the last generation closes another door, the title still lives on thankfully. Not only can you still blast about Paradise City on the Xbox One and PS4, but for those who still own the OG copy, you’ll still have the offline modes to play about on.

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