Days Gone Screenshot

As if Days Gone needed to dial up its intensity more than it already has, today Sony has released a new TV Spot featuring Deacon and his last bullet.

After being hounded by zombie-like wolves and taking down his enemies (who are now lying dead on the road before him,) you’d think Deacon deserves to be cut a break. But does he? Of course not, because this is Days Gone. In the spot, we see a drench and exhausted Deacon who is down to his last bullet. A scuttling zombie is one thing, but as a horde approaches from behind him, his options get a whole lot darker.

As the upcoming game’s tagline goes, “This world comes for you.”

Grab Days Gone on April 26th and check out the trailer down below if you haven’t already! Tell us in the comments what you’d do if a racing horde of zombies that size was after you!

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