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In Kotaku’s recent report on Anthem‘s troubled development, the publication revealed much more about how Dragon Age 4 was shaping up before its reboot.

According to the report, Dragon Age 4 was rebooted in late 2017. While we received a brief teaser about the game at The Game Awards 2018, it was much different prior to this – not that the teaser really gave us anything to go by. Reportedly, it was set have a much smaller scale development unlike Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Rather than scrapping everything though, the small team, led by creative director Mike Laidlaw and executive producer Mark Darrah, would upgrade the tools created for Inquisition, and overall the game would bring new ideas to the table with an emphasis on player choice and consequences for every action.

One developer speaking with Kotaku revealed some of the plots, explaining that players would lead a spy group in Tevinter Imperium, a country in the game’s main continent of Thedas and take on heists. With a focus on narrative, players would attempt missions from several different angles, such as persuading guards or extorting them. There was also be a distinct lack of glorious cutscenes, with focus once again being turned towards mechanics.

Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshot

Unfortunately, this version of the game was put on hold as BioWare moved everyone over to finish Mass Effect: Andromeda, and again near the end of Anthem’s development. Though during that time, this version of Dragon Age 4, codename Joplin, was canceled, and Laidlaw eventually left the studio.

The report goes on to add that development on Dragon Age 4 has now shifted to a more “live” focus which would be similar in a sense, to Anthem, and we all know how well that worked for BioWare. This focus on longevity and monetization is set to be where Dragon Age 4 is at the moment, which is quite disappointing.

With such a huge spotlight on BioWare right now, especially on how it handles development in future, we’re unsure whether we’ll hear anything about the new Dragon Age any time soon, especially as many are calling for things to change.

You can read the full Kotaku report here.

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