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Sony has revealed that it’ll be closing the online servers for Driveclub marking the final death toll for the ambitious racing title.

Driveclub was a game with big ideas and poor execution. The game was hyped by Sony as a racing title with heavy social elements, where players could build clubs and race towards taking their clubs to the highest heights. Unfortunately, when the game launched in October 2014 its servers buckled under the weight of players trying to get into the game, and that was just the start of launch woes for the game.

Eventually, Evolution Studio – the developer at the time – managed to get things back on board but not before souring the game’s sprouting community causing the studio to lay off 55 staffers. Things remained pretty quiet for the game, however in March 2016, Sony shuttered Evolution Studios.

The game, during its tenure, received a handful of updates including Driveclub VR and Driveclub Bikes, however, it wasn’t enough to keep the game afloat and after just five years, Sony has announced it’ll be shutting down its servers.


The publisher said in a statement that the game will still be playable in offline single-player mode, but acknowledged that the game has “significant amounts of online gameplay.” The switch-off will see all of the game’s online features, including multiplayer races, leaderboards, stats, and progression, come to an end.

Driveclub was a stunning title and had the potential to be something great, unfortunately, its rocky launch marked the end before it even began.

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