The final Endgame trailer has been released and although it doesn’t give us any new scenes, it is a nice trip down memory lane.

The trailer goes on to show you where it all starts with a clip from the original Iron Man film, followed by a clip from the first Captain America and so on. It’s nice and it also features various audio clips from the relevant films making them into an inspiring quote.

It then goes on to show film clips in order of release, all twenty-one of them so far, followed by a flash on-screen of the relevant film title. In the end, it features Endgame footage from the previous trailers.

It’s a nice send off in a way and a recognition of the films all in one 2 minute trailer. Check it out below, and in case you didn’t know, Avengers: Endgame will be out on 26 April.

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Oh, and whilst I’m here, they released a TV spot trailer, this time with a couple of new clips. Feel free to check that one out below as well:

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