So two of the worlds biggest franchises have once again collaborated. Epic Games Battle Royale extravaganza, Fortnite, once again crosses over with Marvel Studios, Avengers: Endgame. This time, it is all out war.

Last year we saw the sole-survivor of the dead planet Titan make his way onto the chaotic island of Forts and Nites. Thanos joined in the rumble of all rumbles by having players fight over his weapon of choice; The Infinity Gauntlet. The wielder would then morph into the villain and use the Gauntlet to mow down ALL WHO DARE FACE HIM!

The event proved to be quite the success as this year Thanos returns, and this time he isn’t alone. Bringing forth an army, it seems the regulars of the island may be outgunned…

Not quite! Sure Thanos and his crew may have Energy Weapons with infinite amounts of ammo but… For the boys and girls who dress like teddy bears, knights, and whatever the hell else Epic Games have dreamed up, the Avengers weapons are available. That means you can don Captain America’s Shield to Hawkeye’s bow. So you can really be a hero by taking the fight to Thanos and his goons, or you can be the Villain and thwart good for EVIL.

Fortnite Avengers Crossover

The event also comes with its own set of challenges to take on and try to compete for exclusive rewards. Are you excited for the crossover or have you left the Fortnite bandwagon? Let us know in the comments below.

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