Marvel and Epic Games are teaming up once again to help promote the upcoming blockbuster, Avengers Endgame by slapping some stuff in Fortnite.

With the launch of Avengers Endgame almost upon us, it comes as no surprise that Epic Games and Marvel are teaming up once again for some Avengers fun time. Previously we had Thanos causing chaos in the battle royale, but perhaps the Avengers are coming to save the day?

Right now we’re unsure how exactly Avengers Endgame will end up in Fortnite, but from a brief teaser, we’ve seen one of the game’s staple characters holding Captain America’s iconic shield and the tagline “whatever it takes”, followed by another with Thor’s Stormbreaker.

Chances are it’ll involve another limited time mode, some skins, and maybe the return of Thanos? The crossover is set to take place on April 25, which is the day before Avengers Endgame launches in cinemas.

Fortnite’s next season is almost upon us as the map itself is undergoing some changes. This time it’s being invaded with some ancient runes that are cluttering the sky…

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