Fortnite is set to take a big feature from its newest rival, Apex legends, as Epic announces a new respawn mechanic.

Epic Games have announced the latest addition to Fortnite, the “Reboot Van”. Available in team and duo modes, teammates will now drop a “Reboot Card” when they die. Players can collect this card and head to the Reboot Van, of which multiple will be scattered across the map, and players will be able to bring their teammates back into the action.

To balance out the addition, the vans will have a large cooldown and will generate noise and light when in use, letting other players know about the respawn. Sound familiar? It should because it’s pretty much a carbon copy of Apex Legends’ system. Funny that.

The new feature is expected to drop as part of patch v8.30. Players are hoping that the patch will be fixing many of the issues brought into the title with the last patch. You can watch the full announcement for Fortnite’s “Reboot Van” below.

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