Forza Street, the rumored Free-to-play Forza title previously known as ‘Miami Street’, has been officially released and is available today, but only on PC.

Miami Street was released a while back, developed by British studio Electric Square, and took the form of what was essentially a Forza mobile title. Today, the game has been rebranded and updated to make that tie official, now branded as Forza Street. The title has been referred to as a game-on-the-go, despite the fact it is currently only available on devices running Windows 10.

The game is, as you can probably guess, heavily based on the gameplay of Miami Street. The player is in charge of Acceleration and braking, as well as boost. Cars can be upgraded by earning parts ranging from brakes to engines. The game features cars from popular brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini, and Nissan, to name but a few.

Forza Street features an entirely new narrative tasking you with uncovering the game’s secrets. The updated storyline will be broken down and separated over 3 episodes. The game is available now on the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 devices.

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