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Days Gone may have only just launched, but Sony have already announced that there’s DLC on the way — and it’s free! You can expect a gradual rollout of new content, which includes new challenges and a harder difficulty setting, throughout the month of June.

The biggest addition is a new difficulty mode: “Survival”. According to the PS Blog, this is a tougher Days Gone experience that switches up the gameplay in numerous ways, including the removal of fast travel and Survival Vision, plus an “immersive HUD” that disables certain map functionality.

For the most part, these changes sound like they’re intended to make the player rely entirely on their own skills and intuition, rather than using the HUD and gameplay mechanics to keep track of everything. It’s a similar arrangement to the Survivor and Grounded difficulties in The Last of Us, which pushed players to depend only on their weapons and abilities.

Also being added to the game are fresh challenges; there’ll be a new Bike, Horde or Combat task each week. The developers have promised that there will be a fresh twist on the existing mechanics of Days Gone, and completing them will earn you rewards: PSN trophies, bike skins and more.

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