UK based gaming accessory company Venom has announced their new protective shell case for the Nintendo Switch. Of course, there are a lot of options for this kind of a thing, but Venom takes an older design to a new level.

One of the annoyances with the usual share of travel cases is that you trade in protection for practicality as you have to fiddle around with taking the Switch out of the case and putting it back in, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the specific design. The Venom case seemingly eliminates this whole ordeal as it’s advertised as a true all in one solution.

Just slip that bad boy on and be done with it. You can apparently even put it in your Switch dock with the shell attached. They even throw in a 9H tempered glass screen protector if you’ve got any scratch hazards in your bags or elsewhere (such as the dock itself). To make the Venom shell case truly all in one you can even put eight games into the back of it with a protective flap to prevent anything from falling out of there. Oh, grips are on that thing as well.

Venom Switch case with game card storage

A couple of weeks ago I was looking into some quality Nintendo Switch travel cases, as my old one was kind of falling apart. I’ve settled on a nice, roomy solution but this seems ideal for a lightweight option. You can check the case out for yourself right here.

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