Frostpunk Expedition Artwork

Frostpunk, the city-building survival game by 11 bit studios, is set to get released on Xbox One and PS4 this coming summer.

The uncompromising strategy sim is said to be undergoing some minor changes to the UI to better equip it for console life, with adjustments to menus being top of the list. These changes shouldn’t come at a cost to difficulty or experience, as 11 bit studio still wants to retain the essence of the title, even across platforms and player-bases.

Speaking to VG247 at Reboot Development, 11 bit studios’ Karol Zajączkowski had this to say; “If you compare apples to apples it might be easier, but it’s not like it’s casual. The game pauses automatically on certain screens so you don’t have to worry about time passing by. It’s not like we’ve cut health or we changed it that much, it’s more general balancing and adjustments. We’re delivering this game for people who haven’t played strategy games on consoles. We don’t want them to be frustrated with this game.”

Frostpunk is one of two titles of note from 11 bit studios, alongside This War of Mine. Can we expect Frostpunk to follow the latter across to the Nintendo Switch in the future? Zajączkowski told VG247 that there are currently no plans to do so.

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