GRiD Autosport

Feral Interactive has unveiled that GRID Autosport‘s Switch port will feature a number of controls to suit all types of players.

GRID Autosport is set to land on Switch this Summer, and when it does there’ll be a total of six different control options for players to choose from. This includes more basic controls using only buttons, traditional controls using the analog stick and buttons, and of course tilt controls making the most of the Switch’s gyroscope capabilities.

Below is a list of all six control types:

  • Classic Buttons — Steer, accelerate and brake with buttons.
  • Classic Combo — Steer with an analog stick. Accelerate and brake with buttons.
  • Classic Analogue — Steer, accelerate and brake with analog sticks.
  • Tilt Steer — Tilt your console to steer. Accelerate and brake with analog sticks.
  • Mirrored Mode — Left-handed players can flip the default controls.
  • Custom — Map any control to any button, analog stick or gyroscopic motion control.

A trailer has also been released showing off these control types in action, check it out:

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There’s still no word on when GRID Autosport will land on Nintendo Switch other than “this summer”.

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