For a while now I found myself the owner of a hand-me-down office chair which had more knobs, levers, and buttons than the Starship Enterprise. For the most part, it was designed to conform to the user’s posture, height, and arm positions. It seemed like a win at the time, but the longer I sat on the chair, the more I adjusted, the more I just started to feel like death. A few years later, my ass and back had had enough…

Now, I’ll be honest, in an effort to feel what comfort feels like again, I took to my emails and started to pester a number of companies to see whether we could grab a chair for review. For the most part, the cries of my painful ass went unanswered, but then came a beam of hope in an email from GT Omega, a premium brand in the simulation racing and esports sector. They decided to kindly send me one of their GT Omega PRO Racing chairs, and after a couple of weeks, a giant box arrived at my door.

Having never purchased an office chair from new – aside from plastic tat from IKEA – I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I’d selected the purple and black leather color-way, and I had a guess that it required some assembly, but what I didn’t quite consider was its weight. The box was pretty damn weighty and was big enough to fit a body inside with room to boot. That’s obviously the first thing to consider with chairs like this, is whether you have enough room to assemble the thing.

While I wouldn’t say that our flat is overly small, the box and the disassembled chair took up most of our living room. If I had less space, I could imagine that this would be quite a frustrating build. That being said, the build wasn’t as painful as I expected. Having been used to flat-pack IKEA furniture, putting together the GT Omega PRO Racing Chair was a dream. It did require some force to seat the wheels correctly, but the instructions were clear enough and it came with all of the required tools – taking another worry out of the assembly.

GT Omega Pro Racing Gaming Chair

Overall, I’d say that the assembly was pretty straight forward. It was slightly fiddly in some places, and at times a second pair of hands would have been ideal, but for the most part, the instructions were clear and I had a completed, usable chair within around 30 minutes.

Now for the chair itself. Oh. My. God. I’ve never felt comfort like it. I went from what felt like sitting on concrete, to sitting on a cloud. The racing design of the chair hugs you in all of the right places, add to this the removable posture support and head pillow and you have a little seat of dreams. That was my initial impression, at least. A couple of weeks on I have a few more things to add.

The GT Omega PRO Racing Chair is insanely comfortable and even after hours of sitting and typing or reclining slightly and playing games, hell, if you wanted a nap you could recline it all the way back – though I’m still getting used to that bit. My only real niggle about the seat is that it just feels a few inches too low. While my knees are at the same height as my hips (which is generally the ideal seating position) I do feel like I am sitting a little too low, especially as my monitor is raised slightly. It is something I soon got used to and I rarely notice it now, but it was still something I can’t quite shake.

Another slight niggle is that the seat can at times be a little noisy specifically when you’re getting comfortable and the leather of the posture support pillow and the leather of the chair itself rub together. I was in a call once and someone asked if it was raining it was that loud. Though if this becomes too bothersome the posture support can be removed.

GT Omega Pro Racing Gaming Chair

This brings me onto my other favorite part about the GT Omega PRO Racing Chair. While it doesn’t quite boast as many bells and whistles as the other chair I had, it’s just enough to ensure whoever sits on it can find some level of comfort. Whether it’s removing the support pillows entirely and being absorbed by the soft leather of the seat itself, or adjusting the position of the armrests, which not only adjust up and down, but also inward and out, forward and back, and even rotate with a satisfying “click”.

The overall build quality is incredibly high too with the seat not just being a soft foam pad but also supported by an elastic mesh underneath. It still feels like my ass is being cupped by the Gods.

Overall, the GT Omega PRO Racing Chair comes in at the more lower-end of the pricing bracket within the “gaming chair” market at £200, but this honestly doesn’t reflect the exceptional feel and build of the chair itself. Sure, when I wheel from room to room like I’m the next Lewis Hamilton, the rattle of the wheels does feel slightly cheap, but I’m not buying the chair for its racing properties, I want to be comfortable while I game and that’s exactly what I’ve got from this chair.

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