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The latest entry into the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite, will not be jumping on the Battle Royale Bandwagon, the developer has announced.

That’s right everybody. An FPS franchise is saying no to the ‘Last Man Standing’ fad and keeping it all old school. Though thanks to the titles Forge mode, you can make your own – if you please.

343 Industries have denied rumors that Halo Infinite is going to launch with the mode which has made its way into many big names over the last two years. Frank O’Connor, of 343 Industries, has said: “We will not talk about the launch content of Halo Infinite until we’re ready. I haven’t watched the video so if I am misinterpreting the headline as ‘Halo Infinite’ is launching with/as a Halo Battle Royale mode’ that is still not the case,” in response to a video posted in a thread about the rumor over on Resetera.

The Battle Royale mode may have infected the likes of EA, Activision, Rockstar and Epic Games. Though it seems that 343 Industries were immune to the viral spread though none of the Multiplayer Modes are yet set in stone for Halo Infinite, though my belief is we will still be seeing the staples of the genre a-la TDM and CTF.

I personally am looking forward to seeing a game move away from the feature as I believe that holding a constant and firm hold on the market share is a big task, just look at Apex Legends’ Twitch viewership. What do you all think? Let us know in the comments.

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yay, i hate when games spend too much time making a royal mode at the cost of the rest of the game