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While it may only be a quarter of the way into 2019, IO Interactive have seized the moment and dropped their content plans for Hitman 2.

Hitman 2 was full of fantastic missions, as noted in our review, but in this day and age, more is always better and, I’ll be honest, I’m always going to be down for a little bit more Hitman 2 wherever I can get it.

The details of the roadmap are, obviously, subject to change, but here they are, nonetheless:


  • New Sniper Map: Hantu Port (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
  • Unlock: Flamingo Costume
  • Unlock: El Matador
  • Ghost Mode: Santa Fortuna
  • Items and Emotes
  • Theme: Spring Break


  • New Location: The Bank (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
    • Mission: Special Assignment: Embrace of the Serpent (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
    • Mission: Special Assignment: Illusions of Grandeur (Gold Edition, Silver Edition)
  • Theme: Jungle Summer


  • New Sniper Map: The Prison (Gold Edition)
  • New Location: The Resort (Gold Edition)
    • Mission: Special Assignment (Gold Edition)
    • Mission: Special Assignment (Gold Edition)
  • Unlock: Outfit
  • Unlock: Antique Knife
  • Ghost Mode: Mumbai
  • Theme: The Rivals
  • Theme: Halloween

Weekly Live Content

  • Challenge Packs
  • Elusive Targets
  • Community Escalations
  • Featured Contracts

If reading doesn’t float your boat, but you still wanna know about all the wonderful things planned for Hitman 2 in 2019, there’s also a lovely image for you to glance over.

Hitman 2 roadmap screenshot

Are you excited to delve back into Agent 47’s boots in 2019? Does the tantalizing assassination road trip tickle your pickle? Will you be jumping back into Hitman 2 once the new content drops? Let us know in the comment section below!

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