Sand Sailor Studio has announced that its upcoming boss battler, Bossgard, is set to launch on PC via Early Access on April 18.

Games have bosses, it’s pretty much law at this point, and while players take the role of happy-go-lucky heroes hoping to thwart the dastardly plans of said boss, rarely does the player actually play the boss… until now!

In Bossgard, players can control bosses against a cast of angry – but brightly colored – Vikings in online and local battles of up to six players. With boss battler mechanics at its core, this game is a little different as the boss is actually another player.

“We all know how the usual boss-battle goes: the big guy comes up and you, the hero, the underdog, challenge IT – the Villain, the End. What if we played around with this idea of fighting the Boss and turned it on its head: let’s have you play the Boss.” said Game Designer Stefan Georgescu.

Bossgard Screenshot

Not only that, bosses in Bossgard are a little stranger than normal, with Georgescu explaining that they experimented with different, unique ideas to create different bosses in the game.

“What if instead of fighting a giant monster you fought a giant slice of bread? What if the boss can move? What if it can’t? What if it jumps all the time? What if it can’t stop moving? And so on. We took all of these questions and many others and we answered each with a different boss design.”

Check out the teaser trailer below, where one of our Viking players is running away from… a slice of bread.

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Bossgard is set to land in Steam’s Early Access on April 18.

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