Warner Bros. has released their first teaser for Joker featuring Joaquin Phoenix. The trailer reveals that this will be an origin story of the popular Batman villain.

The film is directed by Todd Phillips and is not part of the DC Universe. The footage looks at Arthur Fleck (the Joker if you didn’t know) and his life as a clown and comedian and how his life has become a hardship. Eventually, he turns to a life of crime and slowly becomes the Joker, citing “I used to think my life was a tragedy. Now I realize it’s a comedy.”

It’s an interesting role for Phoenix to play, as he follows on from actors who have made the role iconic to them, such as Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. More recently, Jared Leto played the villain in The Suicide Squad but failed to hit off with the fans. Phoenix, however, will have his own take on the character and one with a proper origin story in place.

The film looks as if it will take on a dark and gritty feel and that Phoenix will bring his own unique take to the role. I think this is another step in the right direction and by making standalone films, they can bring in stars like Phoenix for a role like this.

Joker will be in cinemas on 4 October.

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