YesGnome has this week announced that it’ll be launching its upcoming mobile title, Kingsman: The Secret Service Game, on iOS and Android on May 1.

Based on the 2014 sci-fi movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service – which itself is based on a Marvel Comics series – the game will have players take the role of Eggsy in an action puzzle platformer to discover who’s behind the plot to destroy the Kingsman facility.

The game is set to feature a completely new narrative set in the Kingsman universe and will feature characters from the movie such as Harry, Merlin, Poppy, Gazelle, and Valentine – which is odd as these are characters from both of the movies… I digress.

Players will also be able to eliminate enemies using “stylish weapons and a mixture of stealth, combat, and puzzle solving.” As well as building their own bases and attacking enemy bases.

It definitely looks interesting. Kingsman: The Secret Service game is being described as a “premium” title so you can expect to drop a few dollars if you want to check out the game.

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