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Although The Brick Bar isn’t officially affiliated with the LEGO Company, it has definitely succeeded in recalling the fun of LEGO with an adult twist. And it will be continuing its world tour with Brooklyn, New York, in June.

The bar is actually assembled from 1 million blocks, moved from location to location. Just some of the features of the Brick Bar are LEGO-shaped furniture (since it’s giant, it might be more appropriate to call it Duplo), a brick ball pit, square burgers on colorfully dyed buns, drinks served in water bottles shaped like LEGO bricks, and building walls.

The bar also features local DJs and some contests. The most impressive builders in the bar can look forward to some prizes for their work. There’s no word on what they will be, but we have a feeling that they will be brick-themed.

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Let the building begin

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The Brick Bar will open at the Bogart House in Brooklyn on June 19 at 5 PM, and run until Jun 23 at 9 PM. Attendees under 21 are allowed in the bar, but they have to attend with an adult and must attend prior to 6 PM on any given day. Tickets can be bought here.

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