Life is Strange 2 Still

DONTNOD Entertainment has released a new teaser trailer for the third episode of Life is Strange 2 which celebrates 4/20 in the most appropriate way.

While most of us were stuffing our faces with chocolate this weekend, others were stuffing cannabis into paper, pipes, or whatever their preferred method of smoking may be as the Easter holidays also fell on 4/20 (or 20/4 if you’re from the UK), a day widely known for celebrating the joys of marijuana.

To make the most of this date, and to tease what’s next for the Diaz brothers, a new teaser trailer for Life is Strange 2’s third episode has been released, appropriately showing a cannabis farm likely in the heart of California – the next location the brothers’ will attempt to find salvation before moving on with their journey.

Check it out below:

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In addition to this trailer, another video has been released which shows five things you might have missed from previous episodes. Though they’re not really “aha!” moments you’d expect.

Check it out:

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Life is Strange 2 Episode 3 is set to land in May.

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