Very Little Nightmares Screenshot

Bandai Namco has this week announced the upcoming release of Very Little Nightmares, a mobile spin-off of its acclaimed platform puzzler, Little Nightmares.

If you already thought the game’s main character ‘Six’ was cute, she’s about to get a hell of a lot cuter as she’s back sneaking around creepy nightmarish environments in the hopes of finally escaping her living nightmare.

Very Little Nightmares, coming to iOS very soon, is a brand new original spin-off full of suspense-filled puzzles, complete with a unique art style complementing Bandai Namco’s original title. Speaking of, this game acts as more of a prequel to Little Nightmares and gives more of a back story to Six.

This time, however, she finds herself in The Nest, and players must solve puzzles in order to escape and avoid being spotted by its terrifying inhabitants.

The game doesn’t have a release date just yet, but until we do, there’s a nice little trailer for you to check out below:

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