Mark Hamill will voice Chucky in the new Child’s Play film, Orion pictures announced on Saturday. The role was announced in a video by Hamill which was played at WonderCon. It was also news to the other cast members as they only got told about it moments before they appeared on stage at the event.

Hamill, most known for being Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, will join Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree and Gabriel Bateman in a modern retelling of the 1988 horror classic. The movie will feature the same plot and the same demonic doll as the first one.

Hamill has an accomplished background in voice acting, providing a voice for The Joker in Batman The Animated Series, Arnim Zola in the Avengers Assemble animated series, as well as a host of other voices in both film and game.

Child’s Play will be in cinemas from 21 June.

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