So, I’m sure I’ve mentioned the fact that Avengers: Endgame is out soon! EXCITED!! Anyway, what better way to get you in the mood for it with a rundown of all the MCU movies to date, and what better way to order them then my own personal view!

I’m sure you’ll disagree with some, but hey, that’s what opinions are there for. Without further ado, let’s crack on!

21. The Incredible Hulk

So sitting at the bottom of the list is probably one of the strongest Avengers – The Incredible Hulk. Why? Because Edward Norton sucks. He has become an actor where Hollywood tries to avoid him as he is hard to work with, unfortunately, The Incredible Hulk suffered at his hands. The condition of him signing on was that he was allowed to rewrite bits where he saw fit, and according to Tim Roth, he pretty much rewrote scenes every day.

You can certainly tell as the movie becomes disjointed in most of the scenes and doesn’t run smoothly. Edward Norton isn’t likable playing Bruce Banner in any way and the story just sucks. The abomination is mildly amusing but comes so late into the story that he’s almost forgettable which is a shame as I enjoyed Tim Roth in the film.

It’s a shame the movie didn’t have Mark Ruffalo, I mean everyone sees him as the real Hulk right?!

20. Captain America: The First Avenger

This one for me is a funny one to put here, it technically is the ‘first’ film in the MCU if you put them in chronological order and I guess in some way it sets the story up, but boy, it’s a boring watch! The origin story is very basic and is based on Steve Rogers’ personality rather than his abilities which led to him being selected for the super serum.

The World War setting makes it a hard watch and the fact that Captain America just is a boring character throughout the film, even with the budding romance with Peggy Carter and his friendship with Bucky Barnes. Hugo Weaver’s Red Skull was a disappointment and ineffective as the villain in the movie, although Toby Jone’s Arnim Zola was a positive though and probably would have made a better main villain than the Red Skull. Although it sets up the MCU in a way, it’s one of the poorest out there!

19. Iron Man 2

I must admit it was a debate between which one I disliked more between Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3, but there had to be done, and in the end, I decided to place Iron Man 2 in 19th. Now the first Iron Man was really good and I could see Jon Favreau’s vision with it, however, he was forced to do a series of rewrites by Marvel seniors and feature S.H.I.E.L.D. more. Once again, the rewrites made the movie feel disjointed.

It also meant that Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash featured less screen time, which is a shame as they worked up a decent back story with him, they just failed to utilize it. Unfortunately, it meant that the overall story of the film was poor and forgettable. There were a few positives for sure, Rhodey being recast as Don Cheadle worked really well and as ever Robert Downey Jr played Tony Stark brilliantly. Unfortunately, if that script is poor, no one can make it a good film!

18. Iron Man 3

So, why is Iron Man 3 above Iron Man 2? Well good question actually, and it’s purely because the story is a little better. It features a twist where Mandarin is actually just an actor… yeah a shit twist that infuriated Marvel fans due to Mandarin being a decent character in the comics. And they absolutely wrecked Aldrich Killian’s character and gave him superpowers.

Yeah, that was shit, but you know what, although it went against the comics, it was something I didn’t see coming. Oh and also the ending with the 42 flying suits of armor everywhere was actually pretty cool to see. Apart from that, there wasn’t much else going for the film, just slightly more than it’s predecessor.

17. Thor: The Dark World

For many Marvel fans out there, they just try and forget about Thor: The Dark World and would probably put it at the bottom of their lists. This for me is the poorest in the Thor trilogy. The first one sets the characters up and then this one comes in and doesn’t really add any substance to any of them.

Stellan Skarsgård’s character is now a loon after the events in The Avengers but suddenly knew about the convergence happening even though he was in the mental home? How convenient that they get him out just in time right and he has the equipment which helps stop it. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the one-dimensional baddie in the movie – Malekeith and his Dark Elves.

Now I love Christopher Ecclestone in a lot of things he does, but this was just poor. It was just a feeble way to introduce the Aether to the viewers. Plus the ending to the first cut Thor off with Jane Foster then within the first act, he can suddenly travel and see her. What a load of old nonsense! The best bit of the movie was when everything was going through the convergence portals, that was fun. Everything else sucked!

16. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron is where the list starts to separate the bad films from the okay MCU films. It wasn’t bad as such, just okay. It felt like the film didn’t really know the direction it wanted to go and as an audience they wanted us to go along with it, unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as that. First of all, it thrusts us into an action scene with the Avengers absolutely owning everyone, and then suddenly out of nowhere there is the weirdest romance between Hulk and Black Widow. Like what the fuck? Where did that come from?! So strange! It’s as though they needed it for a plot point, so they just do it. OKAY THEN. Oh and then they try and humanize Hawkeye by introducing his family and the farm they live on. Completely out of the blue but hey it works with the plot so why not (don’t get me wrong though, Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger!).

Moving on from the random dodgy plot points of the film. The next is Ultron himself. Now James Spader does a wonderful job in voicing Ultron and fits the character well. It’s just that the villain sucks, which is a common theme in the MCU! Ultron is supposed to be highly intelligent and whatever else and decides to blow a few things up and then raise a city in the air and drop it. Alrightttteeey then! Oh and then after a ridiculous battle scene with these mini Ultron robots, Vision kills him like that. Cool, tick that villain off the death list then!

Still, as I said, the movie was okay. It had some great action scenes within it, even including a really good fight between the Hulk and Iron Man (Hulkbuster). It also introduced us to two mutants in the form of Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver (Wait, did I say mutants?!), although the better character got killed off and felt like a plot device to humanize Hawkeye again, but hey, we’ve got used that now right. Paul Bettany does a really good job as introducing Vision in the film and the reoccurring actors from the other Avengers show why they were cast in the first place!

15. Thor

So the first Thor falls into that okay category I spoke about. Now the reason why is because the story itself is just okay. Nothing really stands out about it. Most of us have heard the story of Thor, Loki, and Odin before now, and the film utilizes that. Thor gets banished on Earth and becomes a mortal. The people he bumps into think he’s crazy because he’s claiming to be Thor, but guess what… he actually is. The film sees him try to prove to Odin that he is worthy of wielding Mjölnir and of course by the end of it, he is! Surprise!

The film however probably has one of the best MCU villains in the form of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. They give him the time for a decent back story and the reason why he is essentially bad. Plus Hiddleston’s portrayal is excellent as the God of Mischief, you really believe you can’t trust anything he does. Chris Hemsworth also plays Thor superbly, showing true arrogance on screen, whilst somehow showing his charm off.

It’s just unfortunate that Natalie Portman is a bit rubbish as Jane Foster, however, Kat Dennings on the other hand really shines through as her associate. On top of this, the Warriors Three are really cheesy and a wasted opportunity for the franchise, something I will talk about when we reach Thor: Ragnarok on the list.

14. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians 2 is the first Phase 3 movie on the list and suffers from a poor story like the films before it in the list. Now the first Guardians of the Galaxy was something I really enjoyed, so admittedly I went into the film with a bit of hype. Sometimes that ends in disappointment and unfortunately, it did with this one. Personally, I found the story was weak and slow compared, which is the opposite to the first which I found engaging and fast-paced. The story focused mainly on Star Lord’s dad, which was the celestial being Ego. The whole story was a strange experience really, it just didn’t resonate with me.

There were positives though, more so than the previous films on the list. It had the same blend of humor as the first film with quippy one-liners from Rocket and the stupid humor from Drax. The acting was on point from most of the cast, especially Michael Rooker’s Yondu with a nice farewell to his character. Kurt Russell also played the bad guy really well. They gave him a proper background to flesh him out a little, it’s just a shame that origin story was shit!

13. Ant-Man and the Wasp

This is the point on the list where the movies for me turned from just okay to good. So they’re not amazing, but I enjoyed watching them and could watch them a couple more times before being fed up. Now the first point in this is, I really can’t stand Evangeline Lilly, probably due to the insufferable time as her playing Kate in Lost, so I can’t say I was looking forward to this one.

Admittedly, I still didn’t like her as the Wasp by the end of the movie, but the movie was a pleasant watch. Paul Rudd plays Paul Rudd well, sorry I mean Scott Lang, and gives us decent humor. Michael Pena steals the show with his quick-witted dialogue and provides the most laughs. The story is simple and effective and makes use of the Ant-Man shrinking and enlarging elements from the last film to make it mildly amusing in places, such as the giant Hello Kitty Pez being thrown out the van. The film also leads nicely into Avengers: Infinity War in the post-credits scene and makes me wanting Endgame to come even quicker.

Although it was a fun film, there were still the usual MCU negatives that came with it, mainly in the form of the villain, or villains I guess? There were two villains within the movie in the form of Sonny and Ghost. Sonny was a typical businessman who wanted more power and Ghost was a woman who had been affected by a blast of Quantum Realm power who suffered from phasing. Although they tried to set up a decent back story for Ghost, it just felt like the actress really forced herself to act bad and it just didn’t work too well. Walter Goggins as Sonny though really made you think he was slimy and horrible, it’s just unfortunate that his character was very one dimensional.

12. Ant-Man

Just pipping ahead of its sequel is Ant-Man on the list. It had a decent origin story for Scott Lang, showing him as a common burglar and stealing the Ant-Man suit. It also set up the relationship between Hank Pym and himself really well and on top of this making the dialogue between the characters quite amusing.

Most of the story was enjoyable and it flowed really well, with a small lead up pushed in for its sequel. Unfortunately, the villain was once again a flawed point in the movie. Corey Stroll’s Yellowjacket was just a CGI mess, to be honest. Although he played Darren Cross well and the motives were clear and the reasons why he was doing it. By the time he wore the Yellowjacket costume, his character felt unnaturally bad, such as going for Cassie, Scott Lang’s daughter. Oh, and did I mention the CGI was bad?

11. Captain Marvel

The most recent Marvel movie on the list and one that sits nicely in the halfway point. The film was enjoyable and once again had a fairly decent origin story and set up bringing Captain Marvel into the lives of the Avengers. Brie Larson did a better job at playing Captain Marvel than I thought she would do, and Samuel L. Jackson came back to reprise his role as a young Nick Fury in probably what is the best de-aging CGI I’ve seen in film. Goose the cat was the main feature in the film and the real star of the show. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil the reason why for you.

The film also features a nice twist as well involving the Skrulls – the shape-shifting creatures. Ben Mendelsohn was the star as one of the Skrulls, but Jude Law failed to shine in the film and didn’t bring much to the film. It was a good watch and if you see it, I’m certain you can see why it sits in the middle of the pack.

10. Black Panther

Black Panther was another film in the MCU in which I was super hyped to go and see and came out feeling disappointed. I mean, there was so much hype about the film and how it changed all this and that, but really it was just a good movie. There was nothing really special about it. Michael B. Jordan is up there as one of the best villains we have seen in the MCU and was acting out of revenge.

I think would have actually preferred him as the Black Panther than Chadwick Boseman who I personally found didn’t bring much to the character. The origin story for the Black Panther was semi-decent, but the back story for Killmonger was more interesting and intriguing. It set up Wakanda to be featured more prominently in the events of Infinity War as well and allowed some other stars to shine through such as Letitia Wright and Danai Gurira.

Overall, a decent movie that was just overhyped for its own good.

9. Spider-man: Homecoming

So now we’ve entered the top 9… I would say top 10, but from this point on the list is where the films have taken the step from being a good watch to a great watch. Spider-man was an interesting step for Marvel to take considering the character has been overdone. Tobey Maguire featured in three films and Andrew Garfield more recently in The Amazing Spider-man films, so to bring yet a new actor in was going to be a struggle.

Now people have their favorite Spider-man actor but mine is Tom Holland. For me, he is the youngest of the lot and therefore the one that should be playing a high school student. He brings a fresh outlook to the overcrowded role and makes it his own. Since he was introduced in Civil War, Tom Holland really makes you feel like Peter idolizes Tony Stark and would do anything for him, so when he tries to impress him, you can see he just wants to please.

The story was decent as well. They scrapped the origin story and saw Peter already having his powers and essentially just doing what a high school kid would do with them. Michael Keaton was the star as Vulture and the film provided him with a decent back story and the reason why he was being bad. It even had a nice little twist within it surrounding him that I didn’t see coming. A great film with a great baddie that I hope we get to see on screen again. What more do you want?

8. Doctor Strange

Now this one is probably surprising to be above some of the other films, but this one is here mainly out of pure enjoyment from the movie. Mads Mikkelsen was a forgettable baddie and Dormammu in the dark dimension was ultimately disappointing, although provided the movie with one of the best scenes when he was stuck in a time loop. So in that case, why is it so high up on the list? Well, most of it is pretty much down to the actors involved.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doctor Strange how I see him in the comics, Wong plays Wong well and Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Mordo well. I also enjoyed Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One considering I’m not a massive fan of her. Doctor Strange’s cape also provides the movie with the most humorous moments too. Considering the arrogance of the main character, the film still manages to provide humor when it is needed and not too much of it to ruin the film. I found the CGI interesting as well, especially when they enter the mirror-verse and change the environment as they see fit. I won’t get myself hyped up if they do the sequel, because every time I do I end up disappointed.

7. Thor: Ragnarok

Another movie that suffers from a forgettable baddie in the form of Cate Blanchett and Hela. It’s just so high in the list just because it’s a great movie to watch. For me it also features the best soundtrack in the MCU to date and really adds something to the film. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddlestone give their best performances as Thor and Loki respectively. Tessa Thompson is well cast Valkyrie and brings a little bit of seriousness back into the movie, whereas Taika Waititi as Korg and Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster provide even more laughs. It’s almost a shame that Korg didn’t feature in Infinity War after such a fine showing in this film. The interaction between Hulk and Thor also provide great moments and even recreating the iconic scene of Hulk pommelling Loki into the floor, except he does it with Thor in this movie.

A lot of people said the downside to the movie is that it doesn’t take itself seriously and is more of a comedy, even though the outcome of the film where Asgard is destroyed and most of the time the main characters are always in danger. For me it works, especially considering the tone of Infinity War which effectively leads on from this movie. The only other bad point except for Hela, was killing the Warriors Three in the first act of the film with no reaction from Thor about it. It’s weird considering that apparently, they’ve been friends for so many years. Still, let’s think of the positive as it allowed Zachary Levi to stop playing Fandral and move over to DC to play Shazam! Now that was a nice positive!

6. Iron Man

This is the part of the list where the films really stand out as being an amazing film and have something special within them. Iron Man was the first film released in the MCU and at the time Iron Man was actually a little known character. How that all changed after this film. Robert Downey Jr. took on the role and made it his own. I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing him now. He plays the arrogance of Tony Stark extremely well and sometimes really makes you dislike him at the same time as liking him.

On top of that, the story is well worked as we see Tony Stark kidnapped and locked up as a prisoner to make a weapon. Instead, he makes the mark 1 piece of trash Iron Man suit and escapes with a new lease of life, which sets up the rest of the film nicely. You also find out that his friend and work associate, Obadiah Stane was involved in the kidnapping and then strives to see him dead. Jeff Bridges plays Stane really well and makes a good villain in the film, the best over the Iron Man trilogy.

5. Captain America: Civil War

After the mess of Age of Ultron and the film struggling with the number of characters in the film, I was worried about what was going to happen in Captain America: Civil War. It turned out I was worried for no reason and it was one of the best movies in the MCU yet. Daniel Brühl’s portrayal of Helmut Zemo was refreshing and took a different stance with the villains. He wasn’t extraordinary in any way, in fact, the only reason for wanting the Avengers to wipe themselves out was because his wife and son died on the events of Age of Ultron and you know what, it worked well and gave us a good villain in the process.

The film also does well to mold so many characters into the film and even introduce two new ones in the form Black Panther and Spider-Man without going into too many details about them. It also sees an epic standoff between two factions of characters and somehow manages to kill anyone off, although Warhammer does get paralyzed by the end of it. They give a fair amount of screen time to all the characters except Captain America and Iron Man where they get more which was expected. There were a few nitpicks about some of the character’s powers but hey, I will let it slide!

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Considering The First Avenger is sitting in last place, the comparison to this film is ridiculous with it sitting in fourth. This film has a bit of everything and allows us to see Steve Rogers adapt to modern life. It also gives us a more intricate look at S.H.I.E.L.D. and it turns out most of them are actually Hydra. The person who was the Winter Soldier turned out to be none other than his friend Bucky Barnes who he thought died back in the war.

Instead of trying to kill him, he tried to make Bucky remember him to show Captain America’s compassion. Both Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan put in their best performances in the film. Robert Redford put on a good performance as the big Hydra bad guy who had essentially spent his life infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. The movie had a great story, some great action scenes, a good baddie with some decent associates and great acting in it. Definitely a watch!

3. The Avengers

So, here we are, all the way into the top 3 MCU films and in third place I’ve put The Avengers. It’s the first film in the series which features all the characters from Phase 1 as well as Loki as the main villain (technically Thanos sent him to Earth, but that’s a whole different story). The story has seen Loki gain the power of the Tesseract which made Nick Fury call upon the Avengers to end the threat.

At this point, it only consists of Hawkeye, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, and Thor… incidentally the ones that are alive at the end of Infinity War. It’s nice to see them team up and take on the biggest threat Earth had faced at the time, whilst utilizing Tom Hiddlestone’s strengths as Loki. The film keeps up the humor from Marvel that we are used to, whilst providing good acting from the cast throughout the movie.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

Aaannddddd in second place is Guardians of the Galaxy! It was tough between this and The Avengers but ultimately I decided with this one in second. At the time this was something completely different in the MCU – a weird space team in effect and you know what, it provided the MCU with one of the best films so far. This film provides the most laughs in all the movies and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It also provides a great soundtrack throughout the movie and one that you can find yourself singing along to. The whole cast is on point with some great performances from Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista and even Lee Pace as Ronin.

Ronin is a pretty one-dimensional villain, but it works because that is how the character should be. He also essentially betrays the biggest baddie of them all in the form of Thanos just so he can go to Xandar and wipe the planet out. The story does well to provide humor with the character’s seriousness too. Guardians of the Galaxy has great CGI in the forms of Groot and Rocket and the actors really show their talents whilst performing next to the entities that aren’t actually there. On top of this there are plenty of action scenes in the film, laugh out loud moments and great supporting characters such as Nebula and Yondu.

1. Avengers: Infinity War

So drum roll please… in the top position and probably no surprise… AVENGERS INFINITY WAR! After I finished watching this film I was literally buzzing with excitement for the next installment. For some reason when the Russo brothers told everyone that it wouldn’t be a two-part film I actually believed them stupidly.

Although it made it one of the best cliffhangers out there! I loved every second of the movie! Although it was the longest movie to do date in the MCU, there wasn’t one moment where I felt bored. The film essentially had three different stories in one which they kept separate from each other using unique coloring to each of them, so, for example, every scene with Iron Man, it was brighter and featured more orange like colors in the scenes.

It had the best villain to date in the form of Thanos and even provided him with a back story and the reasons why he wanted to do wipe out half the universe. Josh Brolin played the purple oversized baddie really well and at times you even felt a sense of sympathy towards them. The Black Order villains were decent as well with Ebony Maw being my particular favourite. The film featured the first showing of Doctor Strange and Tony Stark together which was amusing and Star Lord and errr… Tony Stark together which provided more entertainment.

Eeek! I best stop talking about Infinity War because I could talk about it all day. Not sure if everyone knows but I can’t wait for Avengers: Endgame!

I hope you enjoyed my list of MCU movies and I’m sure you disagreed with a lot of them, but hey, everyone has their favorites right?

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