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A few months ago, Marvelous announced that it was working on a Story of Seasons/Doraemon crossover game that will be released in June. This week, the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu contained an interview which shared some more details on Doraemon Story of Seasons and confirmed an additional Story of Seasons game for the Nintendo Switch.

Doraemon Story of Seasons will feature the familiar manga characters from Doraemon in a farm setting. It will have a more focused story than other Story of Seasons game, and the overall theme will have to do with family and love for family.

The farm work will be rather hard at the beginning of the game, but Doraemon’s gadgets will help resolve inconveniences. Eventually, players will even have access to an item which will allow crops to grow instantly. However, it is an expendable item, so it must be used sparingly. For more on Doraemon Story of Seasons, you can watch the game trailer below.

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As for the additional Story of Seasons game, Marvelous’ Hikaru Nakano said, “We’re moving forward on the production of a separate new game for [Story of Seasons]… We plan to further expand on [Story of Seasons] from this point onward.”

It isn’t a lot of information, but after months of rumors and fan speculation, it’s nice to have some kind of official confirmation as well as the assurance that the new Story of Seasons project will be focused on from here on out. Doraemon Story of Seasons will be out in Japan on June 13 for the Nintendo Switch.

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