Although a remaster of the original Mortal Kombat trilogy has been rumored since 2017, it seems as if we now have official confirmation that not only was Blind Squirrel working on the remaster, but that remaster has been canceled.

There are many rumors as to why the project might have been canceled, especially when it seems as though the remaster would be lucrative indeed. The most prominent suggests that Warner Brothers had concerns about giving such a project to a “relatively inexperienced team of developers.”

The game was to have also featured a brand new Krypt Mode, a new way of playing the original trilogy. Danny Hyunh, Concept Artist and UI Artist with Blind Squirrel, also posted some mock-ups and concepts from the now-canceled collection. The link above is a cache of the original post, which has now been taken down.

This is interesting in light of a Q & A panel I attended at the 2018 Retro World Expo, where a fan asked four original Mortal Kombat actors if they thought a remaster of the original games were possible. The response was that they doubted it could happen because the footage was shot on Hi8 video and a now-defunct hardware system that is almost impossible to access anymore. In that light, the project seems almost as though it would have been a remake more than a remaster.

Either way, Mortal Kombat fans can still look forward to the release of Mortal Kombat 11 on April 23.

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