Natsume, perhaps best known for its Harvest Moon and Reel Fishing series game, has some exciting stuff planned for E3 2019.

Natsume will be debuting its first Natsume Indies title at its E3 booth, Cosmic Defenders. We know the game is a 2D multiplayer shooter about trying to stop aliens from taking over the universe, and it’s being developed by Fiery Squirrel for the Nintendo Switch. That’s about all we know right now (other than that the game was originally known as Cosmos Defenders), but Natsume has promised to share more information at E3.

Interestingly enough, in Natsume’s Facebook post reminding fans that they would be revealing more about Cosmic Defenders and its Indies program, Natsume teased a fan a bit in the comments. The fan in question asked about Reel Fishing, to which Natsume simply said “Stay tuned~.” It seems possible, then, that we can expect another entry to this classic series soon–and that we may first hear something concrete about it at E3.

Fans also asked about remakes of classic Harvest Moon games in the comments of the post, but unfortunately, they were referred to Natsume’s official Tumblr, which says that “We would prefer to focus on creating new and unique titles” in answer to that very same question.

E3 2019 will take run from June 11 to June 13, so be sure to check n3rdabl3 out for more news on Natsume’s endeavors then!

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