Fans of the manga Berserk are some of the most patient around: the series generally only has a handful of updates a year, and it has been running since 1989. But, according to SkullKnight user LOicos, fans will get a bit of a break: Chapter 358 will be published April 26.

The chapter will appear in the manga magazine Young Animal, and one can guess that it will be promptly scanned and translated by non-Japanese fans. Some, if not all, pages in the new chapter will be in color as well.

The last update to this medieval-style manga of supernatural ultraviolence, Chapter 357, was published last year in the winter. The story left off with villain Griffith further entrancing his troops and supporters, while the hero Guts attempted to help his former partner Casca regain her lost memories and revitalize her psyche.

Author and illustrator Kentaro Miura loves switching storylines from chapter to chapter, so which story we’ll get to see more of in the upcoming chapter is anybody’s guess.

Chapter 358 of Berserk is set to be published in Young Animal on April 26, 2019.

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