At PAX East 2019 lots of stuff went down, among them announcements aplenty, but people excited for The Outer Worlds were treated to some new gameplay. Obsidian Entertainment revealed some 20 minutes of the game, all very rough work in progress material.

In the demo, we get to experience some of the environments, the UI, some hints of the awaiting possibilities and even some of the humor ingrained into the game. The footage is based on an alpha version of the game and is a little rough around the edges, and by a little a mean a lot. There is no voice acting, as it hasn’t been implemented in this build, the characters still seem a bit stiff, among other things.

After visiting a film set for a quest the demo devolves into some good, old fashioned senseless violence, where a weapon is presented for which the old Bethesda mantra “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” actually is true. Check it out right here.

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Though reactions have been somewhat lukewarm, I think it’s a refreshing change of pace from the usual “vertical slices” which are shown to us, representing the final product in no way whatsoever. I’m looking at you, Anthem!

Our own Gage Edwards was running around PAX East 2019 and you can see him gathering some info on WHAT THE GOLF? here.

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