The Reputation Institute just completed their largest study of the most reputable corporations in the United States of America to date. Nintendo breezed in at number nine in the country, just beating out The LEGO Group.

Nintendo jumped ahead in the rankings; in 2018 it was in twelfth place. Believe it or not, the year before that, in 2017, Nintendo was all the way back in spot number 56.

The current champ of the Reputation Institute’s yearly study is Netflix. The top ten most reputable corporations from the study are then rounded out with (in order) Hershey, Whirlpool, Rolex, McCormick & Company, Barnes & Noble, Hasbro, Costco Wholesale, Nintendo, and, finally, the LEGO Group. Many groups that ranked in the top 10 last year, such as Amazon and Google, have dropped significantly, passing the top 50 and 100 groups, respectively.

Additionally, the results from the Reputation Institute’s worldwide study of most reputable corporations across the globe vary greatly from the US list.

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