After a brief delay, Nintendo has announced that it has opened registrations for the upcoming closed beta of its mobile game, Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour is set to bring Nintendo’s beloved racing game to mobile, and ahead of its launch, a closed beta is set to take place which players can sign up to right now either through a QR code via the game’s website.

As with most beta applications, a spot in the beta isn’t guaranteed as Nintendo has revealed that spaces are limited and applicants will be picked at random. The application process is set to end on May 7.

The beta itself is set to run for two weeks beginning on May 22 through to June 4. It’ll be available to those who live in the US and Japan. Oh, and the beta is limited to only Android devices right now though at launch the game will also land on iOS.

Details surrounding Mario Kart Tour are pretty thin since its announcement. According to DeNA, this will be another “free-to-start” game much like Super Mario Run wherein the first few levels are accessible, but later levels are locked behind a paywall. Alternatively, it could be free-to-play supported by microtransactions, like Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

I guess we’ll find out when the beta begins next month.

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