Sunday, March 31, marked the first Northeast Toys & Collectible Show of the year. The event was well-attended, and it marked a record number of vendors and exhibitors for the show.

There was certainly a wide variety of collectibles to pick from–GI Joe and Star Wars reigned supreme, but even more obscure items like political party PEZ dispensers and in-the-box original Lite Brites could be found.

At the show, showrunner John Kozin took the opportunity to reveal the first details about the fall Northeast Toy & Collectibles Show. The next show will be in September and will expand upon the usual show format. While there will, of course, be vendors with retro (and some new!) goods, there will also be panels and seminars.

While talking to Kozin near the end of the show, he elaborated on some of these additions. Every year the show has featured The Finest, a G.I. Joe costume club, and the September show will also feature Joe Colton, a professional cosplayer. She will be hosting some seminars on cosplay. Kozin also mentioned that he is currently trying to get friends who did figure customization to host seminars.

The fall Northeast Toy & Collectibles Show will be held on September 29, from 9 AM to 2 PM at the Best Western Plus in North Haven, Connecticut. Early bird tickets are $10, general admission tickets will get you in after 10 AM for $5.

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