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Sharkbomb Studios has this week announced their new game, Nowhere Prophet, an “Indian-infused” digital dustpunk card game coming to PC this Summer.

This post-apocalyptic sci-fi card game has players leading their convoy to peace after “The Crash”, an event of complete technological collapse which sent the planet of Soma into darkness. Now the world is inhabited by rogue gangs, creatures, and hostile machines.

In order to survive and find hope, players must battle their way through the deserts by collecting and building decks of cards – which feature the members of players’ convoys -and battling it out among the procedurally-generated tactical battlefields in a truly unique spin on a frankly overcrowded market of CCGs.

As well as the unique mechanic of the cards being the players’ convoy, throughout the narrative parts of the game players will make choices that may change the journey completely. Oh, and the entire game is presented in a minimal yet stunning art style.

Nowhere Prophet is set to hold a closed beta next month and players are being encouraged to sign up via the game’s website. The game is then set to launch on Steam in Summer 2019 followed by a console release in 2020.

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