After teasing it a few weeks ago, Atlus has confirmed that an enhanced version of Persona 5, dubbed Persona 5 Royal, will be coming to the west sometime next year. Like the Persona 4 Golden update before it, this upgraded edition will include new characters, events, and locations.

The most notable new inclusion is Kasumi Yoshizawa, who attends Shujin Academy like the rest of the main characters. In an earlier teaser for P5R, she can be heard expressing distrust towards the Phantom Thieves and their methods. She has been shown to wear combat gear similar to the Phantom Thieves, however, so she clearly has some role to play in the game’s otherworldly palaces.

Other new additions include a school counselor who arrives at the academy after an incident with a certain teacher early in the game. A “third semester” has also been teased, indicating that the story of Persona 5 Royal will go beyond the original game’s conclusion at the end of December.

There’s a new area to explore in Tokyo’s Kichijoji district, extra story and social events — you can take your friends to play pool now! — and what appear to be new group attacks in battle. The trailer shows Haru and Morgana working together to cause massive damage to the enemy, alongside other moves that weren’t present in the original release.

Persona 5 Royal Screenshot

Persona 5 Royal’s Japanese release isn’t until this October, but there’s plenty of time between then and now for Atlus to share new info.

If you’ve yet to play Atlus’s school-life sim/RPG, the Royal version will be the ideal place to jump in. If you’re already a fan of the game, will you be upgrading? Let us know your thoughts!

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