Sony has made some changes to the PlayStation Store’s refund policy which might make deciding to digitally pre-order games a little easier.

Previously, getting a refund via the PlayStation Store was a bit of a chore and was really only granted on very extreme circumstances, or mandated by local law. Now, it’s a little easier, but there are a few caveats.

Those caveats are that players won’t receive refunds if they’ve downloaded, streamed, or played them. Following this, if the refund is accepted, it’ll be credited into players PlayStation Store Wallets, not the original payment method. This is excluding subscriptions such as PlayStation Plus, however.

For games specifically, players will also be required to request a refund within 14 days of purchase, and only if the game hasn’t been downloaded. Requests for refunds after the game has been played will, of course, be rarer and will rely on the game is more than just a bad or buggy game. Basically, it’d have to be a broken mess.

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For pre-orders, this rule remains the same, so if players pre-order the game month’s before release, they’ll still have 14 days from the date of purchase to pre-order. If they pre-order a few days before launch, the 14 days still stands, but at least at that point, they’ll be able to see how the game is being received before downloading and potentially securing a refund.

As for PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Vue subscriptions, players can refund these at any time, but will only receive a partial refund depending on how much they’ve used the service. Sony gave the example that a 12 month PS Plus subscription, if refunded after seven days, will receive a partial refund excluding those 7 days of use.

Finally, when PSN ID changes come into play, players won’t be able to refund or cancel this change, so if you regret your new name, you’re stuck with it.

While this is a positive step towards digital refunds it seems players will have plenty of hoops to jump through before actually seeing a refund, and even then they’ll never be able to use that cash for anything other than the PlayStation Store in future.

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