Rachel Weisz and David Harbour are rumored to be in talks to join the cast of the Black Widow movie, alongside Scarlett Johanssen. A deal has not been completed, but it is thought that they are heading in the right direction.

Weisz will be fresh from her Oscar nomination for The Favourite and Harbour (known for his role in Stranger Things) is going to feature in another comic book movie later this year in the role of Hellboy.

Very little is known about what roles the pair will have in the film, but that’s not surprising considering very little is actually known about the plot. It is also unknown whether this will be an origin story or whether it will follow the after events of Endgame.

Rumors have suggested that she may come face to face with Taskmaster, but we will have to wait and see. Either way, a Black Widow movie has been called for by fans for a long while now. Hawkeye next, please!

Production of the movie is apparently due to begin in June this year.

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