Ubisoft has kicked off a brand new event for Rainbow Six Siege which injects a bit of light-hearted fun into the competitive shooter… and unicorns!

The event, titled Rainbow is Magic, began this week and will run through until April 8. The event will see Rainbow Six Siege players battling it out to rescue a Teddy Bear from its captors on a reimagined version of PLane.

Rainbow Magic also comes with 17 new items that all revolve around toys, including unicorns, full outfits, and headgear.

If that wasn’t enough, Ubisoft has also released the limited-time Magic Collection Pack and for those who login during the event will receive a free Rainbow from the pack with the chance to earn more as they play and complete Ubisoft Club challenges. Packs can also be purchased for 300 R6 credits.

Check out the teaser trailer for the event below:

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