According to a player-run survey posted on Reddit, over half of respondents have quit playing Anthem for good.

It’s no secret that Anthem could have had a better launch, with the game quickly falling out of game charts, and players being generally unhappy with the state of the game at launch. Oh, and not to mention the damning report from Kotaku which has caused friction between players and BioWare.

While BioWare is staying pretty quiet regarding the games player base, one user named SyntaxTheGr8 over on Reddit has taken matters into their own hands and has created a survey to see just what people think of EA Games’ and BioWare’s looter shooter. Let’s just say, the results aren’t overwhelmingly positive.

According to the survey, out of 1000 respondents, 49.9% of them encountered “many” bugs during their playthrough. Adding to this, 53% of respondents have “already quit” the game. As for gameplay, 56% rate the game’s loot system 1 out of 5.

Anthem Survey Results

As for players’ outlook on the future, well, only 36% think the game’s future is “not looking good at all” followed by the second biggest percentage of respondents being “concerned” about the game’s future. Oh, and as for BioWare’s feedback, 38% of players rated it 1 out of 5.

The survey also asked respondents what one thing they’d change about Anthem and the answers have been garbled together into a pretty interesting word cloud.

While 1,000 players is a pretty small pool, and some could say that generally the community on sites like Reddit dent to be more on the pessimistic (sometimes toxic) side, this is still a pretty damning report.

It’s really not looking good for Anthem.

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