Risk of Rain 2 saw its first patch April 1, one aimed at addressing some balance concerns and gameplay visibility raised during its sensational release over the last week.

The weekend saw the largest number players flocking to the newly released rogue-like, with the promotional ‘buy one get one free’ ensuring the slaying of enemies need not be a solo venture. In fact, the launch went so well that developer Hopoo Games commented they were “absolutely floored” in a recent response to the five days of Risk of Rain going live. And rightly so, as the game is currently sitting at ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ on Steam after 7,300 reviews, and boasting a peak concurrent player count of nearly 70,000.

More characters, bosses, levels, and items will be implemented as the year goes on, but the initial patch is aimed at gameplay. The more egregious of the two areas focused is that of the Teleporter, the point of progression once players feel their time in any given stage is done. With an emphasis on time management due to the increased difficulty linked directly to it, rather than stage by stage, the location of the Teleporter is vitally important.

For those with a familiarity of the first game, the Teleporters here are difficult to find, and for those with no knowledge, they can be brutally obscure. To address this the studio is opting to increase the visibility of the Teleporter through visual representation first. The change won’t be drastic initially but will be a welcome change however they manage it.

Risk of Rain 2 Screenshot

The second change will look to tweak the numbers around certain bosses, namely the Magma Worms and Imp Overlords, as these grindy encounters can lean slightly towards the tedious due to health pool and movement. These sort of balance changes will likely be an ongoing trend as player feedback is collected, so look forward to the experience becoming tighter and more focused as the months go on.

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