In an interview with PC Gamer, Risk of Rain 2 developer Hopoo Games has revealed a little bit of information as to the future plans for the game.

Risk of Rain 2 launched just a few weeks ago and already it’s seen over 500,000 players. That means at least 250,000 copies have been sold (as the game had a buy-one-get-one-free offer), which is pretty impressive. For the most part, the game – at least in terms of gameplay – has been largely the same as the first, but in the future more fresh content is incoming, says the developer.

While we’ve seen a couple of patches which have helped with finding the teleporter and nerfing blazing enemies, we haven’t really seen a lot in the way of new or returning content updates. In the PC Gamer interview, Hopoo Games co-founders Paul Morse and Duncan Drummond say that’s soon about to change.

“Returning players wanted to come back to something familiar, so a lot of the early access launch content was updated and returning favorites. Looking forward, we’re really excited to start bringing fresh and unique content for players new and old, so we’re going to focus more on that. Maybe we’ll sprinkle in some returning content, as well, depending on our community.”

Risk of Rain 2 Screenshot

So for those hoping to see things like Temple of Elders return in Risk of Rain 2, you might have a wait on your hands. In terms of the Early Access roadmap, the two revealed that new content such as characters, stages, bosses, and items will be coming, and nearer launch we can even expect new platforms.

“The plan is to deliver more content (characters, stages, bosses, and items) and to make sure the game is super polished by the time it officially launches. This will include additional game features, platforms, and localization. We expect this to be a mixture of larger content updates interspersed with patches and hotfixes—the cadence and amount of these will be announced at a later time.”

In the last developer update on Steam, Hopoo Games have said that they’ll be getting the roadmap for Risk of Rain 2 ready as soon as possible for users, which will likely detail more of the above.

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