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Hopoo Games has unveiled the future roadmap for Risk of Rain 2 that’ll see the small development team release five updates ahead of the 2020 launch.

The three-person development team has announced today that their roadmap for Risk of Rain 2 will see five major updates with the first landing in June. These updates will include new bosses, new levels, localization, and more items for players to find.

Kicking off the updates, we’ll see the addition of a new survivor, stage, boss, as well as items, equipment, and much more. Following this is the Summer update dubbed “Skills 2.0” that’ll see the addition of another survivor, boss, and stage, as well as items and equipment.

Then we’ll have the Fall update, this update will once again add a new survivor, boss, and items, as well as new Hidden Realms. Finally, ahead of launch, the Winter update will see, you guessed it, more survivors, bosses, stages, items, and more. Interestingly, the Winter update is being dubbed the “Artifacts 2.0” update.

If all goes well, Risk of Rain 2 is set to launch in 2020 which will come with another 1.0 update, which includes… well, we all know the drill. Check out the roadmap below:

Risk of Rain 2 Roadmap

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